Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Here's To Never Growing Up"

I think Avril was reading my mind when she wrote this song (well minus some of the lyrics lol). We are the same age 29 (she will be 29 in a few months) and I am so glad to see that she agrees with me and shares my philosophy on life. I have gotten a little bit of lip lately from a few people referring to me growing up. I have purple streaks in my hair (of course they are hidden underneath because my job won’t let me have them visible) , I act like I’m 20 most days & I go to concerts 24-7. I wasn’t aware that hair color and going to concerts made me “immature” or made me childish but if so then good for me ! I have always been energetic, crazy, & colorful. My having purple in my hair is a straight representation of me. I am responsible when I need to be, faithful to my husband and work 40+ hours a week, AND I’m in school. <-- 24-7="" act="" all="" allow="" am="" amp="" and="" any="" anymore="" are="" blast="" body="" both="" but="" by="" crazy="" dance="" day="" do.="" doing="" don="" exactly="" feel="" for.="" fun="" gonna="" goofy="" grow="" grown="" have="" hey="" how="" husband="" i="" if="" it="" just="" know="" life="" live="" love="" m="" matter="" mature="" me="" miserable="" music="" my="" no="" one="" other="" people="" physically="" randomly="" s="" say="" serious="" should="" so="" sorry="" spend="" t="" that="" the="" then="" they="" things="" to="" together="" until="" up="" us="" way.="" what="" won="" wouldn="" you="" your="">

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  1. I think theres a rule somewhere that says if you arent mature by age 30 you dont have to ever. So ....just saying. I'm not mature, or grown up either. I still sneak chocolate if \I get a chance. I like to play games of all sorts. I try and get out of "homework" I dont like going in to work, and I moan and complain a lot. I like playing more than anything. And my taste in music isn't grown up....and I still laugh when someone lets out a loud fart. Immature? Yep.
    Oh well, what you see is what you get. You're fine however you are, Kiki!!