Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think somewhere along the line women didn't get the memo of how to keep their men happy. There are a lot of important elements in a marriage, communication, trust, honesty, humor, and SEX! It seems to just be the way things are that when you get married sex goes out the window! This is the opposite of how it should be. Let's be realistic, we know men think about sex the majority of their day, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they kind of expect it from you! It's far too easy to fall into a routine and get comfortable in life and put sex on the back burner. You should never be too busy for sex! If you actually took the time to enjoy it you would find it is a stress reliever and might help with your daily tension. I have come to find men and women don't really communicate about their sex lives either. My husband and I tell each other "yeah i like this but don't like that" or "do this more, or do it this way" If you coach each other on what works and doesn't work maybe more women out there would be having orgasms! That is also a sad thing, most women have never had an actual orgasm! If you could have an orgasm i can bet you that you would want it more. Im just sayin that we as married women need to realize how important our sex life is. Not sayin there is an excuse for cheating, but if your man is happy he will have no reason to even think about looking elsewhere! So ladies step it up! Don't let sex become a chore you "have to do" ENJOY IT! Sex is a healthy part of marriage and you should never be ashamed to talk about it! (not that anyone reads this except you Sunny) Got Questions, feel free to ask me!