Monday, October 3, 2011

Space Bound-by Eminem

This is one of the realest and deepest songs ever. Eminem is the modern day Edgar Alan Poe. No matter what your opinion of him is, you have to respect his style. His new album is so raw and full of emotion. I literally feel his pain through this song. His lyrics are so graphic and vivid. Even w/o a video I could still play the whole thing out in my mind. I have mad respect for his writing. Recovery is his best album by far. He has always been someone we could count on to speak the truth, and now he's speakin the truth about himself. I really dont' have the words to describe how I felt when I first heard Space Bound. I was watchin videos on youtube and saw this song. I hadn't heard it yet so I watched the vid. The chorus caught my attention so I Googled the lyrics to see what the chorus was saying. I literally was sitting there with my mouth wide open when I finished reading the lyrics. I have never actually taken the time to look up and read any of his lyrics. He is so talented that it's sick. Like I said, I literally feel his pain. I want to find the girl he wrote the song about and be like "Seriously??!!! WTH!" That's how vivid the lyrics are. I feel like I am actually going through this with him lol. Gotta give it up to tha man! This album is some of his best work!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7th
So it’s 7:24 am and I’m sitting here watching "Always Be My Baby" on Youtube. There are no words to express the feeling I get watching this video. It always reminds me of 6th grade at Lakeview Middle and a camp we went to. I was soooo in love with Matt Knight! He was just so cute and sooo sweet to me. Of course we were "just friends" even though I wanted to be his girlfriend sooo bad! This video is just so special to me. The video actually takes place at a camp and the kids look like they are about the age I was when we were at the camp. I think I watched this video like 30 times before we left for camp and I had it in my head that Matt and I were going to basically play out the video. I had this whole fantasy worked out in my head. We were both going to sneak out of our cabins and he was going to kiss me. I have always lived in a fantasy world and I fully believe that anything is possible, so Matt actually deciding to kiss me was a possibility in my mind. Well the last day of camp I was so down because my fantasy hadn’t happened. One of my girlfriends (who was also friends with Matt) decided to go tell Matt about my whole fantasy and how I was now sad because it didn’t happen. I wasn’t aware that she had told him anything. Well as soon as we were all in bed and the lights were out she tells me to go outside. I was like "why"? She said "Just do it". I snuck outside and standing on the porch was Matt. He said "So I hear you’ve been watching too many music videos" Haha. I was speechless. I seriously didn’t know what to say. The next thing I know he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips! It was so sweet and innocent, but it was one of the most memorable moments in my life. He was never interested in me as anything other than a friend, but he was always so kind to me. He was never mean or hurtful when I would say things about how much I liked him and wanted to be his girlfriend. He would always say "you are my best friend and I want to keep you in my life and I never want to hurt you". There were so many other times in 6th grade that he took up for me, or just did or said something to make me smile. There are those people in your life who leave such a big impression and never know. I have tried to find him on Facebook and Myspace and haven’t had any luck. He was such an amazing person to me. *You never know what your actions may mean to another person, so always try to be kind and caring*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forever in Love with my Boybands!!!

There is just nothing like the feeling i get when I'm at a NKOTB or BSB or NKOTBSB concert! I grew up infatuated with them all. First there was the New Kids On The Block, I was about 5 when i became obsessed with them. My room was plastered with NKOTB stuff! I had the sheets, comforter, shirts, pajamas, cups, posters, lunch box, book bag, folders, pencils, barbie dolls, tapes, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, I probably had it! When i was 6 a 2nd cousin asked my mama if she could take me to see the NKOTB in concert at Furman University. My mama wouldn't let me go, because i was 6 and the cousin was, in my mama's words, a wild teenager. She said that my cuz would lose me. I didn't speak to my mama for 4 days lol. I was so mad! I think i actually cried when i found out they weren't making any more cd's or touring anymore. The blow was softened when i was reading one of the teen magazines one day and saw pics of a group called The Backstreet Boys. I begged my mama to take me to Wal-mart so i could see if i could find their cd. And there it was, the single "Quit Playin Games with My Heart" I was in love! Lol! I was trying to find any magazine i could that had pics or articles of them. I went to tons of music stores to see if they had any other BSB cd's and i bought an over seas album. I swear i wore those CDs out! I was always in love with AJ, from the very first min. He just seemed....different, in a good way. He stood out and had his own style and swagga. I think i owned every book they made about them. I knew all their Bdays, all of their full names, all of their hometowns, i think i even knew all their siblings names. My room was wallpapered with them! I saw them in concert 8 times before i was 18. Some would think i should have "outgrown" this by now, NOPE! When i met my hubby i was 20. I found out that BSB was coming to Charlotte NC and i wanted to go sooo bad. So for my birthday he surprised me with tickets! And God Bless his heart, he went with me to the concert! It was amazing! Then (i think Jesus smiled on me) and the NKOTB got back together and put out a new CD and went on tour!!! You can bet your butt i was there to see them!!!! Then 2 years ago BSB was having a concert outside of a Bar in Charlotte. My hubby and I drove up there (What a good man i have lol) and actually i was like 5 feet away from BSB! it was a short concert but i was still in teenage girl heaven :) And finally, last night on June 22 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia, all my dreams and fantasies came true. The New Kids on The Block and Backstreet Boys were in concert together, NKOTBSB!!!!! There are no words to describe how i felt watching that concert! I am a 27 year old woman who felt like a love struck teenager all night! Haha! It was by far the BEST concert i have EVER been to, and that's saying a lot because i have been to 57 total so far. Until the day i take my last breath i will forever be in love with my boybands! They are a part of my life and a big part of most of my memories. No shame in my NKOTBSB game!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think somewhere along the line women didn't get the memo of how to keep their men happy. There are a lot of important elements in a marriage, communication, trust, honesty, humor, and SEX! It seems to just be the way things are that when you get married sex goes out the window! This is the opposite of how it should be. Let's be realistic, we know men think about sex the majority of their day, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they kind of expect it from you! It's far too easy to fall into a routine and get comfortable in life and put sex on the back burner. You should never be too busy for sex! If you actually took the time to enjoy it you would find it is a stress reliever and might help with your daily tension. I have come to find men and women don't really communicate about their sex lives either. My husband and I tell each other "yeah i like this but don't like that" or "do this more, or do it this way" If you coach each other on what works and doesn't work maybe more women out there would be having orgasms! That is also a sad thing, most women have never had an actual orgasm! If you could have an orgasm i can bet you that you would want it more. Im just sayin that we as married women need to realize how important our sex life is. Not sayin there is an excuse for cheating, but if your man is happy he will have no reason to even think about looking elsewhere! So ladies step it up! Don't let sex become a chore you "have to do" ENJOY IT! Sex is a healthy part of marriage and you should never be ashamed to talk about it! (not that anyone reads this except you Sunny) Got Questions, feel free to ask me!