Monday, October 3, 2011

Space Bound-by Eminem

This is one of the realest and deepest songs ever. Eminem is the modern day Edgar Alan Poe. No matter what your opinion of him is, you have to respect his style. His new album is so raw and full of emotion. I literally feel his pain through this song. His lyrics are so graphic and vivid. Even w/o a video I could still play the whole thing out in my mind. I have mad respect for his writing. Recovery is his best album by far. He has always been someone we could count on to speak the truth, and now he's speakin the truth about himself. I really dont' have the words to describe how I felt when I first heard Space Bound. I was watchin videos on youtube and saw this song. I hadn't heard it yet so I watched the vid. The chorus caught my attention so I Googled the lyrics to see what the chorus was saying. I literally was sitting there with my mouth wide open when I finished reading the lyrics. I have never actually taken the time to look up and read any of his lyrics. He is so talented that it's sick. Like I said, I literally feel his pain. I want to find the girl he wrote the song about and be like "Seriously??!!! WTH!" That's how vivid the lyrics are. I feel like I am actually going through this with him lol. Gotta give it up to tha man! This album is some of his best work!