Friday, October 17, 2014

Jealous by Nick Jonas (Jealousy)

This song is catchy and it gets stuck in my head for  days. Listening to this song is what inspired me to write this post about jealousy. There is a fine line between jealousy and controlling. I personally believe that a LITTLE bit of jealousy in a relationship is a good thing. Again, I'm talking about a LITTLE bit of jealousy. I 100 % agree that you should trust your partner, but a little bit of jealousy has nothing to do with trust and is healthy. Being slightly jealous shows you still have passion for your partner. Now that being said you have to be careful and make sure your jealousy isn't out of control. I am a firm believer in letting someone be who they are in a relationship and if their personality isn't what you're looking for then just don't date them. You shouldn't try to change someone just to fit your expectations.  Some people are like me and just have a very friendly and flirty personality (I've even been told that I flirt with girls!) and if you are a very jealous person you should steer clear of people like me lol. Keep the passion to a maximum and the jealousy to  a minimum.

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