Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Excited for the Future!

I am so excited! I have recently been feelin complacent with the way things are in my life. I just feel like we (my husband & I) are young and we are just sitting on the sidelines watching life pass us by. I have always said I would never leave here (Greenville SC) because I love my hometown. I love everything about the south: the friendly people, the weather, knowin everybody, sweet tea, lightin bugs and everything else! So you can imagine my surprise when after telling my husband how I have been feeling I said “Let’s move to Nashville!” He was shocked that I would ever want to leave but instantly said “Let’s go.” We have since been making plans and discussing everything. I have had tons of people ask me “why Nashville?” Honestly I can’t say exactly what made me want to move to Nashville. It is a totally different place that always has something going on and it is still southern. My life revolves around music and Nashville is “Music City” so it makes total sense :). I am not trying to become a singer or entertainer, I would just love to be surrounded by music 24-7. There are so many things to think about and consider that I think I will probably get overwhelmed but I am sure we will manage. We did decide that it makes sense for me to finish my degree here because I will be finished in the fall of 2015. Then hopefully I can get into a college in TN to get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Just thinking about it all makes me wanna move now! Then on the flip side I think about having to sell our house, finding somewhere to live in Nashville, finding jobs, both of us getting in to a college, and leaving my family. I think leaving my family will be the hardest part for me. I know they will only be 5 ½ hours away but I’m used to having them right around the street from me. I do feel like this is the best decision for my husband and me though. Until my husband gets his engineering degree he is going to be stuck on third shift at his job. He still has a few years before he gets his degree. I just feel like there will be so many more opportunities for him in Nashville. This is just such an exciting decision for us & I hope when the time comes we can get everything all worked out. I know that if it is God’s will that it will all fall into place :)

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  1. Oh Wow!!! Kimberly!!! I dont know what to say- this took me totally by surprise.

    It's going to be an experience with a capital E if it all falls into place!!

    Keep us updated!!
    Miss that big smile of yours!!!