Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forever in Love with my Boybands!!!

There is just nothing like the feeling i get when I'm at a NKOTB or BSB or NKOTBSB concert! I grew up infatuated with them all. First there was the New Kids On The Block, I was about 5 when i became obsessed with them. My room was plastered with NKOTB stuff! I had the sheets, comforter, shirts, pajamas, cups, posters, lunch box, book bag, folders, pencils, barbie dolls, tapes, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, I probably had it! When i was 6 a 2nd cousin asked my mama if she could take me to see the NKOTB in concert at Furman University. My mama wouldn't let me go, because i was 6 and the cousin was, in my mama's words, a wild teenager. She said that my cuz would lose me. I didn't speak to my mama for 4 days lol. I was so mad! I think i actually cried when i found out they weren't making any more cd's or touring anymore. The blow was softened when i was reading one of the teen magazines one day and saw pics of a group called The Backstreet Boys. I begged my mama to take me to Wal-mart so i could see if i could find their cd. And there it was, the single "Quit Playin Games with My Heart" I was in love! Lol! I was trying to find any magazine i could that had pics or articles of them. I went to tons of music stores to see if they had any other BSB cd's and i bought an over seas album. I swear i wore those CDs out! I was always in love with AJ, from the very first min. He just seemed....different, in a good way. He stood out and had his own style and swagga. I think i owned every book they made about them. I knew all their Bdays, all of their full names, all of their hometowns, i think i even knew all their siblings names. My room was wallpapered with them! I saw them in concert 8 times before i was 18. Some would think i should have "outgrown" this by now, NOPE! When i met my hubby i was 20. I found out that BSB was coming to Charlotte NC and i wanted to go sooo bad. So for my birthday he surprised me with tickets! And God Bless his heart, he went with me to the concert! It was amazing! Then (i think Jesus smiled on me) and the NKOTB got back together and put out a new CD and went on tour!!! You can bet your butt i was there to see them!!!! Then 2 years ago BSB was having a concert outside of a Bar in Charlotte. My hubby and I drove up there (What a good man i have lol) and actually i was like 5 feet away from BSB! it was a short concert but i was still in teenage girl heaven :) And finally, last night on June 22 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia, all my dreams and fantasies came true. The New Kids on The Block and Backstreet Boys were in concert together, NKOTBSB!!!!! There are no words to describe how i felt watching that concert! I am a 27 year old woman who felt like a love struck teenager all night! Haha! It was by far the BEST concert i have EVER been to, and that's saying a lot because i have been to 57 total so far. Until the day i take my last breath i will forever be in love with my boybands! They are a part of my life and a big part of most of my memories. No shame in my NKOTBSB game!

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